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Which rice cooker to buy

People keep asking me which rice cooker to buy. Unless you spend hundreds of dollars on a rice cooker, I consider them expendable. I use mine for several years and buy a new rice cooker when a better one comes out. I have yet to throw one away. I donate my old ones to a [...]

Christmas Dinner

I will cook Christmas dinner for my whole family this year. I’ll cook the mashed potatoes in one rice cooker, veggies in another, and I’ll keep the gravy warm in another. I may even make some fresh cranberry sauce too.

How many rice cookers do you need?

None if you don’t cook. Seriously, I have a whole bunch of rice cookers. I haven’t counted lately. When I have people over for dinner, I want to spend time with my guests, not slave over a hot stove. I use my rice cookers to make my tasks easier. My brother and sister-in-law came over [...]

Quick chicken soup

It’s getting a bit cooler and I like soup on cooler days. A quick way to make chicken soup is to use a couple of cans of chicken broth. Add some chicken breast (I use individually frozen chicken tenders) cut into bite size pieces. Cook until the chicken is done. Add some noodles. You can [...]