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Getting what you want

I read an advice column yesterday. The reader was a married woman who longed for her husband to give her flowers. She asked and asked, but her husband dug in his heals and refused to even consider it. The columnist told the woman to stop being so controlling and get over it. I wanted to [...]

Why have just one cutting board?

Some cooks, like my mother, have only one cutting board. I have a bunch. I have plastic ones that go in the dishwasher. I have a wooden one my son made in cub scouts. I have a long, thick wooden one that is carved out to have a shallow basin to catch the juice when [...]


Getting what you need

I just got back from taking my mother to Indiana to visit her sister. I thought traveling with mom would be a pain. Imagine trying to get an elderly woman up those metal creaky stairs into a little airplane. It was just the opposite. We got to Dulles (Washington, DC)  airport and were met with [...]

Perfect kitchen appliance for busy people

What do college students, senior citizens, and busy people have in common? They get distracted when they cook! That’s why the rice cooker is the perfect cooking appliance. It just won’t burn up food. It cooks like mad and then, when it senses that it’s too hot, it shuts down to warm.That’s why I love [...]

Great smelling house

Because I have allergies, especially in the fall, I keep the windows closed all the time.  When the house seems stuffy, I pop some apples (or other fruit) and spices into a rice cooker (see Cinnamon Apples recipe).  Not only does it make the house smell great, it’s great to eat!