Getting what you need

I just got back from taking my mother to Indiana to visit her sister. I thought traveling with mom would be a pain. Imagine trying to get an elderly woman up those metal creaky stairs into a little airplane. It was just the opposite. We got to Dulles (Washington, DC)  airport and were met with a wheelchair. Mom can walk, but not too far and not very fast. We were taken to a special security check point and didn’t even have to wait.  The whole trip was like that. Everywhere we went people were helpful and kind. At our destination, we were met by Lester, who had another wheelchair for mom. He took us to baggage claim and when I voiced my concern about getting mom onto the rental car shuttle, he said, “Why don’t you ask the rental car guy to bring the car to you?” I said, “Yeah. Right.”

Lester said, “Just ask.” So I did. And the car was brought to us.

Treat people with respect. Ask for what you need and you just may get it! We did.

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