Why have just one cutting board?

Some cooks, like my mother, have only one cutting board. I have a bunch. I have plastic ones that go in the dishwasher. I have a wooden one my son made in cub scouts. I have a long, thick wooden one that is carved out to have a shallow basin to catch the juice when carving meat.

When I am cooking, I don’t want my fruit and vegetables contaminated with raw meat, so I use many cutting boards when I cook. I use my plastic ones for meat, fish, and poultry, so I can wash them in the dishwasher. I also have different sizes. I have a little striped bamboo one to use when I just want to cut a single apple for my snack. I like to use a bigger wooden one for bread. Cutting boards can be very attractive to show off in your kitchen.

Food safety and cutting boards: bit.ly/cuttingboard


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