How many rice cookers do you need?

None if you don’t cook. Seriously, I have a whole bunch of rice cookers. I haven’t counted lately. When I have people over for dinner, I want to spend time with my guests, not slave over a hot stove. I use my rice cookers to make my tasks easier. My brother and sister-in-law came over [...]

Quick chicken soup

It’s getting a bit cooler and I like soup on cooler days. A quick way to make chicken soup is to use a couple of cans of chicken broth. Add some chicken breast (I use individually frozen chicken tenders) cut into bite size pieces. Cook until the chicken is done. Add some noodles. You can [...]

Navigating the supermarket: quick food shopping

When you are in a hurry, stay on the outer perimeter of the store. The fresh items: produce, meat, fish, dairy are usually not in the center of the store. Enter the center only for non-perishable items on your list that you need immediately.


Where to shop for veggies and fruit

Do you have an Asian market near you? Asian markets carry an amazing variety of fresh vegetables and fruit. Today, I bought fresh dates (not dried), baby bok choy (very mild), huge peaches, 4 boxes of yummy strawberries at 99 cents a box, and lots more veggies and fruit. If you are in a major [...]

Eat at home

In today’s economy, eating at home makes sense. You can serve better food for your family with less money by preparing your own meals. You don’t have to slave for hours and hours over a hot stove. Stay tuned for tips on shopping and cooking. Here’s one: If time is an issue for you, buy [...]

Welcome to Sally’s Kitchen Table

Hi, Welcome to my kitchen table. I’ll be posting my thoughts on food, family, and life. Thanks for joining me. Sally