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Sally's Kitchen: Recipes

Potatoes and Onions
Sally Strackbein

    9  Yukon Gold potatoes (about golf ball size)
    2  medium onions
    2 T  olive oil
    3/4 cup water
    salt and pepper to tase

Scrub potatoes well and cut them in fourths. Peel onions and cut in 1/2 inch chunks.

Put oil in pan and turn cooker on to cook. Add potatoes and onions. Stir. When the cooker shuts down to warm, add water and stir. Turn the cooker back on to cook. Cover and leave alone. The rice cooker will shut down to warm when the water has cooked off. The potatoes should be done. If not, add a little more water and turn to cook again.

The rice cooker will set itself to warm when the water is gone. The potatoes will brown a little more if you just let them sit on warm for a while.


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